(Czech versionHvězda a okolí - informace v českém jazyce)

Coloured wood-carving from the end of the 19th century

A partial skyline of the Liboc municipality with the game-preserve and the pleasure house depicting the older image of St. Fabian and Sebastian Church from the period around 1820. The church was demolished in 1842 and replaced with a new building as it was no longer sufficient for the growing number of citizens.

There is a former chantry graveyard with a small chapel to the North of the enclosure wall, established in connection to the initiation of the Liboc church construction in 1842 and the abolition of the old graveyard within the church district. People buried at this cemetery were mostly from today’s Dolní Liboc and the nearby Ruzyně. The architectural design of the graveyard is probably the work of a Prague builder named Karel Brust, the author of the reconstruction of the nearby church.

The monasterial Church of Our Lady Victorious, depicted to the right on the horizon, is a place of pilgrimage near the Bílá Hora battlefield. Before this church was built, there was a small chapel here, built in the years 1622-1624. The chapel was used for the burial of remains of the soldiers who were not buried duly and remained in the neighbourhood for a long time after the battle. The chapel became a place of pilgrimage and at the same time the base for a more complex building, constructed in the years 1708-1730 by builder Kristian Luna. The entire complex represents a typical Baroque pilgrimage church with a central sanctuary surrounded by chapels. A mound celebrating the 300th anniversary of the Battle of Bílá Hora was raised at the Bílá Hora battlefield near the Chapel of Our Lady Victorious at the highest point of the Bílá Hora plain in 1920. The mound was designed by František Bílek and the monument was donated by the Sokol district named “župa Pobělohorská”.

The contemporary photograph dates back to the time when the mound was not yet built.

A cut from the stable cadastre map dated 1842 depicts the Liboc municipality with a dominating church.

Nature trail "Oborou Hvězda":

  1. The History of the Game-Preserve
  2. Old Oak Growths
  3. Hvězda and its Surroundings (Hvězda a okolí - informace v českém jazyce)
  4. Birds in the Game-Preserve
  5. The Pleasure House
  6. Personalities in the History of Hvězda
  7. Natura 2000 and wetland
  8. Beech-Wood under the Pleasure House
  9. Water in the Game-Preserve
  10. The Geology of Hvězda Game-Preserve
  11. The Battle of Bílá Hora
  12. Hvězda Game-Preserve and Hunting
  13. Animals in the Game-Preserve
  14. Forest Renewal