eec meeting, prague, 2003

In its Concept of the Foreign Policy Development, Prague declares further and deeper international co-operation and integration of the City into international structures, within the European Union in particular. In the area of environmental informatics Prague has been creating conditions for its international co-operation for many years. In 1992, the first Yearbook was also published in the English version. In the further years contacts were made, the systematic distribution of the outputs from the System IOŽIP (Prague Environmental Information System) to foreign partners of the City, and the System was also presented internationally. It received important award and was published among „pilot models“ (Good/Best Practices) at various occasions.

As a part of this information system, there was also the operation of Information Service on the environment ENVIS at The preparation of the new Prague environment website in English was also based on the experience with a several-year operation of the above-mentioned service.
Within the scope of this new one we would also like to provide basic expert information about environment and its protection in Prague to officials not only from Prague’s partner EU cities and elsewhere including possible potential partners and also other applicants interested in the environment protection in big cities and to share our existing experience in order to contribute to the international information exchange in this area.