waste management in prague

At present the production of large quantities of waste and the subsequent management and processing of the waste is a trouble of all municipalities (and namely the large ones) in the world.
The total production of waste in Prague in 2005 accounted for 3535 kilotonnes. Majority of the production is generated in construction industry (2003 kt), then there are municipal waste (from inhabitants) and municipal-like waste (from enterprises) (502 kt), industrial waste (126 kt), waste from energy industry, except for radioactive waste (89,5 kt), and waste from agriculture and forestry (15,4 kt). 186,3 kt of waste was recorded as hazardous waste.
Since 1998 the City of Prague, as a waste producer (representing physical entities, not the waste producers generating municipal-like waste) has been operating whole territory covering Complete System of Municipal Waste Sorting (detail information on the system). In 2005 the sorting outcome was in total 63,9 kt of reusable materials from municipal waste (paper, glass, plastics, metals, biological waste, hazardous waste, etc.), and thus the sorting effectiveness (based on the material reuse) achieved 21,1 % of the waste mass. For energy use, 201,2 kt of mixed municipal waste were utilised. The landfilled amount of the mixed municipal waste was 54 kt.
In 2004 the development of the Waste Management Plan of the City of Prague (POH) was started. The Plan was adopted in 2005 and will serve as the cornerstone conceptual document in the field of waste management for the next 10 years (more information on the POH - in Czech only).
The City has also been active in the field of environmental education on waste, both in the general public and targeted to selected groups (especially children and the youth) and, at the same time, the City supports financially activities of other organisations, namely independent non-governmental organisations.
In this section you will find mostly practical information concerning waste management in Prague, which should help you to protect the Prague’s environment, more detail information of expert character you can find in the section For experts and partner cities.