ročenka praha žp 2004 - titulní strana

The Capital City of Prague has had many-year long traditions in processing and providing of information on the environment. The Yearbook Prague – the Environment, regularly published in a printed form since 1989, and later also in the English version and in an electronic format, has become the most known output of the System. The present structure of information published was introduced in 2000. Since 1997 there have been six CD-ROMs and one DVD on Prague’s Environment published, each of which includes the latest Yearbook, Atlas of the Environment, Statistical Yearbook Numeri Pragenses (ČSÚ) and potentially other specialised publications on issues of air pollution control (REZZO, ATEM), nature conservation (Vegetation Map, Birds, Butterflies, and Protected Areas in Prague), noise maps of Prague, data and information sources, etc.



Other publications and aplications