(the text below is based on the chapter Sustainable development of cities and settlements, Local Agenda 21 and sustainable development and related issues published in yearbooks Prague Environment 2006, Prague Environment 2005 and Prague Environment 2004)


la21 in prague 7Local Agenda 21 (LA 21) is a programme to apply sustainable development at local and regional levels. It is based on the requirement for the wholesome approach to the development and balanced representation of all its aspects – economic, social, and environmentally sound one. Among its basic principles there are citizen participation and groups in decision-making on public matters, public addressing of issues and partnership; as broad as possible, long-term maintained, and positive discussion among authorities, self-government bodies, private companies, non-governmental organisations, and citizens. The programme should lead to the formation of a local policy of sustainable development and its implementation.
LA 21 originates from Chapter 28 of the document Agenda 21 “Local authorities’ initiatives in support of Agenda 21 “, which was adopted by the UN Conference on the Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro (UNCED), 1992.



At present there is no Local Agenda 21 process at the whole City of Prague level.
Now the only City District Prague 7 and City District Prague-Libuš stand officially at the LA 21, in 1999–2002 a project of LA 21 was carried out in the City District Prague 15. Some other City Districts have dealt with issues of LA 21.

Partial activities has been carried in City Districts 11, 12, and 13. Detailed information can be found at the websites of respective City Districts.


City District Prague 7


logotype of la21 in prague 7

The City District Prague 7 has officially declared its works within the process of LA 21 in November 2003 by the adopting of the resolution on the “Memorandum of the City District Prague 7 – project Local Agenda 21”. The project is accompanied with the logo and name “Prague 7 – place for living”. At the Internet pages of the City District Prague 7 there is a section dedicated to activities related to LA 21 in the City District; within the Department of Environmental Protection there is place or separate coordinator for this field.

In the past successful activities were, for example, projects “One place in Prague 7” aimed at getting the public involved into the discussion on the planned recovery of Řezáč Square; “We also live in between the houses” concerning the recovery of internal areas of the block U Průhonu, a sociological survey “Let us say what Prague we wish to live in” among the Prague 7 inhabitants, or the workshop “Public participation in municipal development”.

In 2006 Prague 7 implemented the project “Around Prague 7 on Foot” in order to improve conditions and support to pedestrian traffic as to the environmentally friendly, sustainable, and healthy form of mobility. The in the form of questionnaire investigation in the streets the City District acquired basic information how citizens and visitors evaluate conditions for walking and at what extent they use this transport mode. The outcome should be partial improvements at certain selected critical localities.

In 2005 there was the Student Assembly of City District Prague 7 established with the objective to set up cooperation of pupils and students of elementary and secondary schools in Prague 7 with bodies of self-government of the City District Prague 7, management of children organisations, interest associations, etc. In 2006 its activities were expanded and supported by the project of the exchange of the Student Assembly of City District Prague 7 and the group of young advisors from Lewisham, London, UK. The project is called “Story of two cities – the young and local democracy”, and received support from the programme “The Youth” of the European Commission.


City District Prague - Libuš


Local Agenda 21 (LA 21) in the City District Prague - Libuš – the project of Healthy Libuš and Písnice: in November 2005 the City District Prague - Libuš was as the first City District in Prague and in the Czech Republic into the National Network of Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic (NSZM CR). In 2006 the public was involved into the project of Healthy Libuš and Písnice in accordance with the methodology of the NSZM. Within the framework of this project the public participates in the formation of community Plan for health and quality of life in Libuš and Písnice while applying principles of local sustainable development. This way the City District Prague - Libuš strives in cooperation with inhabitants to improve public administration performance quality. Local residents as well as citizens working in the area may affect their territory development by engaging into the whole process and by means of joining of working groups, expressing their views at round table discussions, or by raising their opinions and remarks at the pubic forums.

The first draft of the community Plan for health and quality of life in Libuš a Písnice, which was developed following to negotiations in working groups formed of local citizens of various age, sex, and professions (in cooperation with the NSZM CR) was subject to public discussion in April 2006. In March and April 2006 children from local elementary schools got participated in active manner by expressing their views on the theme “How the environment in Libuš and Písnice should be improved” in fine arts and literary pieces. Some of their pieces children presented at the April public forum.

In June 2006 the Assembly of the City District approved the Plan for Health and quality of life in Libuš and Písnice for 2006–2007 which is to be updated and be subject of public hearing every year. The City District Council nominated working groups comprising of citizens for the further implementation of the project “Healthy Libuš and Písnice“. In October 2006 the City District Prague - Libuš attained the category “D” by its activities (pursuant to the established criteria of LA 21, more information is at www.cenia.cz/ma21/databaze).

In December 2006 the Assembly shall approve the “Declaration”. Doing so the City District Prague - Libuš will officially join the LA 21 and admits other steps within the project of “Healthy Libuš and Písnice“.

  • database of current LA21 projects in the Czech Republic (operated by CENIA, Czech Environmental Information Agency):
    www.ma21.cz, ma21.cenia.cz