prague forests-chuchle Based on the Urban Greenery System, The Principles of the Greenery System Maintenance in the City of Prague has been prepared and approved by the City Council of Prague. The documents proposes and deals with Prague system of greenery, including its ownership relations, financing and division of competencies between administrative districts of Prague and the City Council of the capital city.


Greenery System Categories

The status of greenery areas in the structure of the city varies depending on the level of their protection and development. In terms of their environmental importance and the development of the existing greenery system, they are divided into four categories, namely:

  • Areas of extraordinary importance (total area 4 515 hectares)
  • Areas of city-wide importance (total area 1 021 hectares)
  • Areas of local importance (total area 975 hectares)
  • Complementary areas


The above classification system does not distinguish among different types of greenery (such as forests, parks, cemeteries, protected areas etc.) as laid down in the Land-Use Plan or the Greenery Master Plan of the City of Prague. Greenery is perceived as a single natural and urbanistic element.

The classification system plays a crucial role in determining priorities insofar as the process of revitalizing urban greenery is concerned. The organization of maintenance, revitalization and development of areas of extraordinary importance (Category I) in possession of the City of Prague falls into the purview of elected bodies of Prague. The executive authority is the Municipality of Prague. The revitalization process has been moving along in close cooperation with administrative districts of the city.

Ownership relations affect the management, maintenance and access to the areas, financing of their maintenance and development, as well as their uses and layouts. Those of extraordinary importance, i.e. falling into Category I, remain in the ownership of the City of Prague, those in Categories II to IV will be entrusted to respective administrative districts of the city pursuant to a Decree of the Municipality of Prague.

Financing. Financial requirements of the greenery maintenance depend on the maintenance demands and intensity. The latter in turn depend on the nature and location of the area in question. In this respect, there are four different maintenance intensity categories which generally (but not always) match the importance categories.

Division of competencies between the Municipality of Prague and Prague's administrative districts in exercising greenery management tasks. Basic maintenance is provided by the administrative district in the territory of which the area in question is located. Insofar as areas of extraordinary importance are concerned, their maintenance is based on agreements between the respective administrative district and the City of Prague. In most cases, it is necessary to partly or even completely restore both the vegetation and technical elements. In such cases, it is first necessary to analyze the current state of affairs (to make an inventory) and propose an appropriate revitalization approach accordingly.

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