forests in prague

The area of forest land on the territory of the City of Prague is currently 4,890 hectares, which account for about 10 % of the City total area and in this case we can find - on the outskirts of Prague – even larger forests featuring the natural composition of tree species as well as the herb layer. The area of forest on the Prague territory has grown by almost one third over the last hundred years. The character of the newly forested areas has been changing as the reasons for forestation have been changing: from prevention of erosion, through efforts to increase beauty of the Prague’s surroundings and making the stay of inhabitants in nature more pleasant, down to the ambitious creation of forest-parks as locations for short-term recreation of the inhabitants of the newly developed housing estates. All the Prague forests are classified as falling in the category of special purpose forests as suburban forests with increased recreational functions

The largest and the most visited forests are the following:

  • Klánovice Forest (approx. 1,000 hectares on the Prague territory)
  • Kunratice and Michle Forest (approx. 300 hectares)
  • Wild Šárka Valley – Nebušice (360 hectares)
  • Modřany Gorge (290 hectares)
  • Chuchle Grove (134 hectares)
  • Xaverov Grove (104 hectares)
  • Ďáblice Grove (57 hectares)
  • The Game Preserve Hvězda (approx. 85 hectares, out of that approx. 78 hectares of forest stand) is considered not merely a forest, yet, most of all, the national cultural monument (NCM).

The rest of the total area is scattered among tens of smaller forests and woods.

The Czech version of the city’s official website contains further information related to this area