prague alleysStreet alleys directly affect climate factors and reduce adverse impacts of urbanised (developed) environment. Trees affect air temperature, prevent streets to overheat, and alleviate temperature fluctuations and extremes. They also increase air humidity and have a great importance for the reduction in the amount of suspended particulate matter and noise burden. Last but not least, they have positive influence on psychical state and aesthetic development of humans.
Therefore the City of Prague and its bodies has been paying a great attention to the care of Prague’s street alleys. At present there are approximately 26,000 trees in the Prague’s street alleys, out of them over 5,000 specimens falls into category I (pursuant to the System of the City Greenery Management).

In 1995 the City of Prague launched the project called “Prague for Trees - Trees for Prague”, in the framework of which the systematic regeneration of the street alleys was started. Since then till the end of 2004 over 2,600 new alley trees were planted in 80 City streets and financed by the City of Prague.

The alleys in the streets of Slavíkova, Mánesova, Koněvova, and Ječná are among the most important and beautiful street alleys on the territory of the City of Prague, which have been completely regenerated so far.