vítkov mountain (look-out places)

The mountain belongs to the important City parks and a part thereof was established as the National Culture Monument. The park atop the Vítkov Mountain occupies area of 32 hectares. In the ancient times the mountain used to be covered with dense forests, which were gradually cleared as the settlement advanced. Under the rule of Emperor Charles IV vineyards were being established on the hill slopes and later on the elevated plain as well. Majority of them was in possession of ecclesiastical manors, others belonged to German and Czech bourgeois, among them to the Prague Counsel Vítek from Hora, who gave the mountain its name, even though the victory of the Hussites on 14 July 1420 at the mountain foot later created the name of the village of Žižkov. During the Thirty Year War the mountain was fortified with mounds and ramparts and the vineyards stands were destroyed.
At the end of 19th century Mr František Thomayer was authorised to convert the western plain on the mountain into a City park. In the meantime in between wars it was decided to construct a national monument on the highest point of the Vítkov Mountain. Its construction commenced in 1929 following the selection of the place on the north foot of the mountain for the current Military Historical Institute and Military Museum.
The park atop the Vítkov Mountain is a calm place for walks as well as sitting on benches offering numerous points of view of the City.



City District Prague 3

May be visited freely

Access by public transport and by walk:

  • from Koněvova Street: stop "Tachovské náměstí" or "Černínova" - bus lines Nos. 133, 207 (underpass under the railway)
  • from Husova Street: stop "U Památníku" - bus lines Nos. 133, 207
  • from Pod Krejcárkem Street: stop "Ohrada" - bus lines Nos. 136, 207


Vítkov mountain and its surroundings:
vítkov mountain and its surroundings


The Prague City Hall, Environmental protection department, e-mail: oopsek@cityofprague.cz, phone: ++420 236004246

Points of interest: 1 Monument of National Liberation, 2 square area in front of the Monument with equestrian statue of Jan Žižka, 3 look-out places


Realised in year 2002-2005:

  • Irrigation system Ist phase
  • Reconstruction of walls on the north slope part and reconstruction of a view point
  • designs of gradual reconstruction of the Vítkov Mountain including children playground is running at present