letná orchards

Letná Orchards belong to the most important City parks. The vast City park spreads in between Embankment of cpt. Jaroš and Letenská Street, occupies a portion of the Letná Plain and slopes above the aforementioned embankment. The Orchards occupy a large, almost rectangular land with area of approx. 52 hectares and are formed of a system of roads and alleys in between the landscaped areas. They form the interlink in between the Chotkovy Orchards and the Royal Preserve. They are utilised for recreational purposes, social purposes, and, first of all, to promenade walks.
The history of the Letná Orchards is very varied. The Letná Plain served, due to its strategic location, as a marshalling place and camps location of troops from time immemorial. Later vineyards were established there and even local quarries were opened on the Letná Plain slopes.
In 16th century Emperor Rudolph Water Tunnel was built under the Letná Orchards feeding lakes in the Royal Game Preserve Stromovka. A restaurant built in the pseudo Renaissance style became a part of the park in 1863, in 1891 the Hanavský Pavilion (erected in the Orchards in 1898), a funicular in 1891 (it has not survived till today), in 1950 to 1955 a monument of J. V. Stalin was erected (It was removed in 1962 and in 1991 the Metronome was erected at its former position) became parts of the park.
At present there is a huge reconstruction and regeneration carried out in the Letná Orchards. Phase III of the Orchards’ regeneration was completed in the last year. Now newly built roads made of red bitumen combined with cobble stone paved areas lure for a stroll around the Letná Orchards. A pleasant walk underneath tree crowns is even enriched by a couple of look-out points offering views of the Vltava River and the City. For the in-line skating fans a new wide track was built here. Families with children surely appreciate two new public children playgrounds placed in the park..

letná orchards (letenské sady) 


City District Prague 7

May be visited freely

Access by public transport and by walk:

  • from Embankment of captain Jaroš: stop "Nábřeží Kapitána Jaroše" – tramway lines Nos. 5, 12, 14, 17 (upstairs)
  • from Embankment of Edvard Beneš: stop "Čechův most" - tramway lines Nos. 12, 17 (upstairs)
  • from Milady Horákové Street: stop "Sparta" - tramway lines Nos. 1, 25, 26
  • from Na špecharu Street: stop "Špejchar" - bus lines Nos. 108, 174
  • from Badeniho Street: stop "Chotkovy sady" - tramway lines Nos. 18, 20


Letná Orchards and its surroundings:
letná orchards and its surroundings


The Prague City Hall, Environmental protection department, e-mail: oopsek@cityofprague.cz, phone: ++420 236004246

Points of interest: 1 Hanavský Pavilion, 2 the platform with the Metronome (originally bearing the J V Stalin monument), 3 Letná Plain, 4 Letná Chateaux, 5 Music Pavilion, 6 Pavilion of the World Expo ´58, children playground “Hippo”

letná orchards (letenské sady) - map

Realised in year 2002-2005:
  • Reconstruction of children playground
  • Repair of the wall Holešovice – Letenské Orchards
  • Reconstruction of park roads (picture above)
  • Construction of a refreshment facility and restrooms
  • The 3th stage of the park recovery, track for roller blade skaters
  • Phase II of the reconstruction – Historic Stalls of Thomayer is planed
  • Reconstruction of children playground in Kostelni street is planning at present